Cellulite - רפואה אסתטית ועור


Cellulite is mostly found on thighs, buttocks, and abdomen of 80-90% of females and is a major cosmetic concern. 

It is characterized by orange-peel appearance and dimpled skin.

Many different modalities have been used for the treatment of cellulite: Topical preparations, mechanical stimulations, acoustic/ ultrasound wave therapy, laser and light devices and radiofrequency.

Lately RF technologies have become very popular for the treatment of cellulite. 

The reason being, the high RF energies (150-200W) of the new devices leading to better volumetric heating of the subcutaneous fat tissue and thus to better and more consistent clinical results. 

The rational for the treatment of cellulite by RF, stems from the fact that our fat tissue is composed of 1 mm large fat cell micro lobules surrounded by septa of connective tissue. 

Due to the low resistance of the septa to RF energy they act as conducting wires.

Heat is produced within the septa and is conducted further to the fat lobules. 

Heating the septa induces stimulation of neocollagenesis (2) while heating the adipocytes to between 42- 45ºC for 15 minutes induces fat cell apoptosis (30). 

Clinically it has been shown that high-energy RF in combination with IR light and vacuum (VelaShape Syneron medical) or high-energy RF in combination with magnetic pulses (Legacy Venus Concept) can improve cellulite remarkably and induce abdominal circumference reduction of between 2-4 cm after 6-10 bi-monthly treatments.