Thread lifting of the neck - רפואה אסתטית ועור

Thread lifting of the neck

Several factors influence our facial structure with aging. 

We lose volume from our face, we contract our mimetic muscles, our skin and connective tissue become thin and saggy which is all aggravated by the force of gravity. 

We treat volume by fillers, muscle contraction by botulinum toxin and sagginess by energy based devices.  To fight gravity we need to lift our tissue. 

In the past this was only possible by a surgical facelift, nowadays we can lift tissue by threads.

Threads which have triangular cones are inserted into tissue by a needle just under the dermis through two small injection points. 

Tissue is then elevated and lifted to its new position just like in a face-lift. 

After lifting the rest of the threads are cut while the tissue stays lifted.

This is an in office procedure with very fast healing as there are no cuts. 

Already a few days after the procedure everything is healed. 

The threads can be felt for a few days under the skin and there might be a hematoma, which will resolve within two weeks.

Within the following months there is a gradual improvement due to new collagen formation and results stay up to a year and a half. 

From our experience these results can be prolonged by botulinum toxin injections and additional fillers as needed. 

Another possibility to prolong results is to treat the skin by radiofrequency for tissue tightening after the procedure.  In this way the tissue becomes tighter and results will stay even longer. 

The threads are absorbable and thus very safe for use.

In this way it is possible to lift the face, the cheeks, the jawls, the eyebrows and the neck.  

When treating the neck several treatment modalities might be needed to achieve the best results.